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When most people consider having a weekend house, they certainly don’t think about a shipping container home. I know I think of a little apartment in Paris! Not this family, home owners Connie DeWitt and Kam Kasravi wanted to create the most sustainable home possible on the site of an old train path in the dense redwood forest. “I can blame it on my son,” DeWitt laughs. “I grew up in upstate New York and I ran around the woods all the time. I wanted Kyler to have the same experience, which we couldn’t replicate in San Jose…” from an interview on











Consisting of 6 shipping containers spanning an area of 1200 square feet, this private residence uses each of the six faces of each shipping container to create a home integrated into the landscape where absolutely no space is left unused. Six Oaks is a recycled shipping container house located in the forested mountains outside of Santa Cruz, California. Designed by San Jose-based Modulus, the container house fits within the context of its environment and is both modern and rustic. The home was built to coincide with the landscape of the site and a bridge is used to gain access to the entrance.







The resulting 1,200 square foot structure, a neatly placed home of six units with a light-filled glass “spine” running through the center, is a testament to careful planning. Total construction costs came to $225 per square foot which is at the low end of the custom house spectrum in Northern California. According to ContainerHome.Info, Santa Clara AIA issued Modulus a Design Citation Award for Six Oaks, the only residential property to receive one. “We wanted to show that it was a shipping container structure, but at the same time you don’t want to live in a box. My goal was to create a beautiful home first, and a shipping container home second.”








When I research these homes, I try to give you all the information possible and boy did I get an overabundance of information here! This very popular home has 2 YouTube videos, several articles, and the owner even has a Flickr account with pictures of the house!

Here is a list of everything I found:

·         Shipping container family home: building blocks in Redwoods (YouTube)

·         Six Oaks is a Modern Yet Rustic Shipping Container Home in California (YouTube)

·         Flicker account by Nicolás Boullosa

·         Photo credit:


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