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Today’s home is actually quite special. So far I have written about homes that are the homeowner’s main residence, but this shipping container home is actually on a wooded compound which includes a main house and efficiency apartment.  I read several articles on the builders, why they built it, and how awesome it is! Then I came across a For Sale listing. Interesting! So if you find yourself loving this house, here is the information to buy it! 🙂









According to SmallHouseBliss, “Artist and designer Julio Garcia is known for his mixed media prints. When creating his own home and studio, he worked on a larger scale but still succeeded in joining disparate elements into a unified whole, working with industrial shipping containers, natural materials and the lush foliage of his lot in Savannah, Georgia.”

“When I was in college, I had seen projects like this in Europe and was always intrigued,” he told TODAY Home. “When we needed to come up with a creative space for our company in Savannah, I pushed this idea through.”









Known as “The Savannah Project,” this shipping container home consists of two 40 foot shipping containers that were placed about 6 feet apart. The 6 foot gap was filled with a wood-framed floor and shed roof. Then the container sidewalls were cut away to create a large open living area.

Contrasting with the exterior, Garcia gave the inside a clean contemporary look.  The home is about 970 square feet, and includes a bedroom, a bathroom, a long open kitchen, and an open floor living space. Garcia left the original container loading doors functional, so they can be opened to the decks at either end of the small house.





While the exact cost of building this home was not mentioned in any of the articles, Garcia did mention in an interview that a shipping container can be purchased for around $1000, while the finishing and building costs range from $70 to $90 per square foot. So this shipping container home is proof that luxury living doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

For those hankering for their own shipping container sanctuary, Garcia’s architectural services (a fabrication studio based in Miami) can be solicited via his company Price Street Projects. Which is said to “combine functional design with creativity to create sustainable, economical and innovative living and work environments . . . PSP specializes in building structures made from shipping containers, each unique to its site and use, blending art and architecture to explore the boundaries of the traditional construction/building model.”  Or you can see the For Sale listing I mentioned above to buy this one.


Photo credit: Blood&Champagne


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