Greetings from Quebec! 🙂

An old shipping container has found new life as a modern small-scale residence at the foot of the ski mountain Massif du Sud in Quebec, Canada. LOKI Homes, the new arm of LOKI Box Design, just completed their first home: a lovely compact abode that mixes cargotecture with small-scale living. The model home was created as a symbol of the firm’s commitment to affordable and environmentally friendly design.








Founded as an incubator for new and exciting ideas in mobile architecture, LOKI Homes serves as a sort of testing ground for research and development. The first LOKI home wasn’t created for a client or agency; the cargotecture home was designed and built “to satisfy our own purely creative architectural and design ambitions here at LOKI, combined with our deep appreciation and love of the wild,” writes the firm. “So we built a teeny tiny house, and shipped it all the way out in the middle of nowhere.”






Clad in dark timber panels, the converted shipping container features large glazed windows and doors to bring light to the interior and to create the illusion of spaciousness. In contrast to its rugged and utilitarian facade, the interior looks cozy and welcoming with white-painted corrugated walls, timber surfaces, and soft patterned textiles. The one-story home includes two bedrooms placed on opposite ends of the structure; a small dining/living area with a kitchenette; a compact bathroom; and an outdoor terrace. The LOKI Home prototype is available for purchase and rentals.



So what do you think? Would you like to live in this cozy 2 bedroom, tiny shipping container home? 🙂



Information Source: Inhabitat & Loki Box Design

Photo Source: Loki Box Design



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