Greetings from Greece! 🙂



Hello there and welcome back! After a much needed holiday break, I return to bring you the coolest shipping container homes from around the world! This one I stumbled upon while searching for tiny homes. Aren’t those the cutest?! I always get my daily tiny house fix from Tiny House Town. Please check out this site if you haven’t! 🙂











This shipping container home was built in Greece with a 40 foot shipping container as the base. At a total of 538 square feet and €30,000, the home completed construction in two and a half months. This to include the outdoor construction modifications too.




The first floor includes the living room, kitchen, dining, full kitchen, and storage. The second floor includes the bedroom with a king-sized bed, a wardrobe, bathroom, and a 161 sq. ft. veranda.




My favorite part of this house is the way they maximized the space. I continued to be amazed by how people take shipping container homes to the next level! What do you think? Do you prefer tiny shipping container homes to the bigger ones?



Information & Photo credit: Tiny House Talk



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