Greetings from Australia! 🙂

For today’s tour, we’re taking a trip Down Under. Sydney is renowned for its incredible beaches. What you may not be aware of, though, is that within one of them hides a charming container home treasure. Coogee Beach’s sun-kissed coastlines welcome its visitors with a rustic holiday retreat. Engineered by the architectural geniuses at Takt Studio, the aptly-named Copper House is set to amaze us with its design, construction, and laid-back homey vibes. You just need to dip into the Aussie shores to experience it first-hand.




Built in 2011, this cozy hillside container home gives you just the right amount of privacy with fences all around. Copper House sits in the sheltered lee of the northerly Coogee headland. It replaces a dilapidated 1890’s fibro shack. What this coastal cottage lacks in size it makes up for in rich, high quality materials and details.






At just 60 m2, the two bedroom house is considered small by Australia’s bloated standards. In reality, it contains all the essentials in a compact and space-efficient package. Plus, it melds comfortably into a difficultly steep site. Copper House is doing a lot within a small package! Copper cladding was chosen for the exteriors to counteract the harsh salt residue that lingers in the humid sea breeze. What’s fascinating about the Copper House’s construction is that it is divvied up into three distinct sections. This was very much a life-imitates-art decision, as the architectural firm had to be quite dexterous about building their container home around tight and steep space confinements.





As we make our way up the narrow steps, you’ll be closely exposed to the siding’s glossy, hand-waxed finish. Warm copper tones invite us to relax in this container home with gleaming interiors. Artist canvas walls and leather-clad door handles are among the list of adornments that give this dwelling its wholesome demeanor. No Copper House would be complete without a modern lighting fixture that appeals to its theme. An interesting blend of textures and tones give this kitchen a dash of modern flavor.




Who would have thought to use doorknobs as wall decoration? Pretty neat idea, if you ask us. The narrow hallway leads us to our final destination for this container home tour. Almost there. Have you guessed where we are?





That’s right, the bedroom! White painted walls and closets, along with the immaculately laid bedding, give this stylish room an angelic aura. So take everything in and let the soothing interiors reinvigorate your spirit.



As you can see, Takt modernized this coastal retreat and turned it into the perfect container home. The outside may appeal to low-key aesthetics, but the home’s inner beauty definitely shines through as it embraces us tightly in a wave of comfort.


So what do you think? Would you stay in this tiny shipping container beach house? 🙂


Information Source: Smaller Living & Lunchbox Architect

Photo Source: Smaller Living & Takt



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