Greetings from Cornwall! 🙂

Container 45 is a tiny shipping container home available for rent located in Madron, Cornwall in the United Kingdom. Tiny House Vacations states that this tiny home is crafted out of a 45-foot (14 m) aluminum container that has been made into 340 square feet (32 square meters) of amazing space. Originally listed through Airbnb as a vacation rental with an exceptional sea view, Container 45 appears to have been redecorated and is back on the rental market under Tiny House Vacations.






Airbnb points out that the back deck on the house affords a view of St. Michael’s Mount. A split level garden is below the deck. Windows on the house are placed to give great views of the sea, and the interior of this container home has been decorated to keep the space bright and cheerful.



The bathroom is off the main bedroom and has a large shower. Keeping the interior white makes the space feel open and spacious, but the green and yellow accents warm the space and keep it from becoming sterile. A flush toilet is in the bathroom rather than a composting one. Even from the toilet, the outdoors can be easily seen. The tall windows maximize the viewing space.




The living room has a Futon that converts to a bed, making this a home that can easily sleep four. Under Airbnb, an extra mattress was stored below the Futon so a fifth person could be housed in the container home. Tiny House Vacations states that the home has underfloor heating and LED lights. The bed, Futon and reading nook are all placed opposite of the view of the sea so that the best view is always available.






The kitchen has a washing machine, oven and mini refrigerator. The eating area is just off the kitchen and has been newly decorated. Originally, this space sat four. The cabinetry behind the stove has been replaced with wooden cubicles, and the bright green paint is missing from the counter trim. The lighter colors make the kitchen feel like a larger space.







For those who are considering changing out their full-sized home for a tiny home, taking a vacation to one first gives you a chance to experience tiny living. Making sure that the tiny space has a great view like the one from Container 45 just adds to the experience. Whether building a tiny home or going with a container home, having the right interior and exterior spaces are what make your house a home.



So when researching this tiny shipping container home, I found many great articles on it! Not only is it on Airbnb, Tiny House Vacations, it also has stellar reviews on TripAdvisor! 🙂 So what are you waiting for? I can’t wait to go here and check it out for myself!




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