Greetings from Atlanta! 🙂


This is a brand new, fully furnished tiny container house with full bath, bedroom and mini fridge area. The unit features sliding doors, flat screen Roku TV with a swivel mount, LG mini-split (heating, AC) system, shower, spray insulation, large casement window, mini sink, custom craftsman barn door & walls and Laveo waterless electric toilet. The container doors also swing open so that you can enjoy some fresh air from the comfort of your queen size bed. The container is 20’x8′ plus hitch length.








From Tiny House Listings: “My wife and I had this built by a local professional company ( We had big plans but some things have changed and now we need to sell it. This house was recently featured at the Decatur Tiny House Festival and it’s a must see! It would also make a great studio, hunting cabin, office, mother-in-law suite, vacation home or work live space.”

Price is listed at $25,000 but is stated to be negotiable.

At 160 sq. ft., one bedroom, 1 bathroom, located in Atlanta, GA, this tiny house is perfect!


So what do you think? Would you live here? 🙂



Information Source: Tiny House Listings

Photo Source: Tiny House Swoon



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